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SERAGA ENGLAND - Egyptian pyramid rustic bangle in silver

SERAGA ENGLAND - Egyptian pyramid rustic bangle in silver

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This unique pyramid bangle is inspired by the lands of my ancestors. It has a distinctly rustic charm, almost as though it was excavated from the Valley of the Kings.

When designing, we keep ancestry and nature at the heart of Seraga England and that is exactly what we have done with this Egyptian bangle.

This pyramid bangle is part of our signature ‘Ancient Civilisations collection. A rustic bangle bracelet that is a true statement piece. This silver bangle features an organic form in a truly artisan style. A highly textured piece with a satin sheen and an Egyptian pyramid motif in the centre, combined with small silver granules around the outer edge of the bangle.

This pyramid bangle is a statement piece which can be dressed up with a little black dress or down with a pair of jeans and jacket. It’s robust and delicate at the same time. It’s got weight to it, being solid silver, but it isn’t so heavy that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, the organic or rustic shape feels ergonomic, like it belongs on your arm.


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