Engagement Ring Commission

Engagement Ring Commission

The story of Elsa and Kallum

Commissioning an engagement ring from AMJ is a profound and deeply personal journey. In collaborating with a skilled artisan, you have the unique opportunity to design and create a one-of-a-kind piece that symblolises the power of your union.

Follow the journey of Elsa and Kallum through the entire commission process, from early ideas to refinement, process and creation.

Elsa came to us with a clear idea of what she liked, and an 'inspiration board' of rings, something we would always encourage if you want to commission your own piece from us.

It's a good starting point and helps us to realise your ideas in the form of an initial design drawing.


Elsa has a very small finger size so this was a consideration when selecting stones for her ring...

We explored the idea of a rose cut diamond for the central stone but what Elsa really wanted was a soft pretty pink oval morganite, which also suited their budget, and worked really well with the rose gold she desired.


From here-on-in, having discussed the design fundamentals together first, Kallum was entrusted to continue with the ring design alone.

We applaud them on their approach, trusting him to create something beautiful with our guidance so he could still surprise her with the final ring when he popped the question!

The selected morganite stone was ethically sourced from Brazil, with two smaller marquise diamonds on either side. By including diamonds on the shoulders we gave Elsa the 'wow' factor she wanted from her special ring.

The next stage was to draw up the ring design in CAD.

By taking the stone measurements and Elsa's ring size we produced to-scale technical drawings which gave us an accurate metal weight required for casting..


From here we costed up the entire project, and printed a 3D resin model of the final ring design, and wow!

As the ring is passed down from one generation to the next, it carries with it the stories, memories, and traditions of those who came before, ensuring that the legacy of love lives on.


Book your consultation today at AMJ and let’s start your ring commission journey together..




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