Pearls Jewellery June

June: The Month of the Pearl


What are Pearls? 

Pearls are created by clams, however not everyone knows that only two groups of clams create iridescent pearls made of nacre. These pearls have been valued for many thousands of years now. With some Gemologists even considering pearls to be just as rare and precious as diamonds.  

The Significance of Pearls

Just like other gemstones, pearls are considered to be deeply symbolic. They are associated with wisdom, clarity, calmness, loyalty and purity. Based on their history they are also an incredible symbol of female power, as wealthy women throughout centuries have often been seen wearing a string of pearls confidently.

Pearls at Anne Morgan's Gallery

As you know, we admire all the beautiful pearls. Anne, especially loves to celebrate the more organic, imperfect pearls and in turn, she makes them into unique, statement pieces, such as the ridged pearl necklaces, and the best selling moon dot pearl earrings in a variety of different colour combinations. 

If you want to feel like a queen then these are sure to fit the bill. These and more pearl pieces can be found in Anne's collection on our website today! 


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