Sp-Ring Exhibition 2022

Sp-Ring Exhibition 2022

Welcome to our Sp-Ring Exhibition 2022!

Spring is almost upon us and that means only one thing at Anne Morgan Jewellery - the launch of our annual Sp-Ring Exhibition! Featuring some of the most talented jewellers working today, it’s an opportunity for us to showcase an incredible collection of handmade work, and an opportunity for you to fall in love with something new this season.

This Sp-Ring we bring you experimentations in form and shape, a balance of organic and textured style, the individuality of rough diamonds and the refinement of fine design, all within a curated collection of makers carefully selected for their innovation and artistry. And if you're fans of the BBC2s 'All That Glitters' Show, you'll recognise the work of Sonny Bailey-Aird and Tamara Gomez from the lineup!

It’s very hard to narrow down our choices but we feel we’ve got it just right, because that’s what we do. And you amaze us time after time with your loyalty and support for the gallery.

From electric tourmalines, sapphires and amethysts to dreamy diamonds, we’re confident you’ll connect with a design that speaks to your heart.

So visit us at the gallery this Sp-Ring and take in our gorgeous display of new work, you won’t be disappointed !

Introducing our 2022 Exhibitors...


Alma Sophia is an award-winning jeweller originally from Norway. She creates sculptural, minimalistic and delicate pieces in her London-based workshop.

“I experiment with shape and form to create three dimensional pieces, with repeated shapes being a key part of the design process. Using a square tube to develop some of the forms, allows the pieces to have volume and to convey a sculptural feel, whilst remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. The excitement lies in playing with form and discovering something new.”



Rooted in creativity and artistry, Tamara Gomez designs bewitching fine jewellery for anyone who feels a connection to the magic and beauty of the earth.


Designed to celebrate curiosity and wonder, each piece captivates with distinctive details. Uncut diamonds and ethereal gemstones are set in an organic and textural style reminiscent of the earth from which they came.

Rough diamonds call to those who find beauty in individuality. Tamara Gomez transforms precious stones into captivating fine jewellery inspired by the magic and spirit of the world. Each piece is unique in every detail, soulful, fine jewellery for people who are like no other.

Tamara’s intuitive and personal process makes commissioning bespoke jewellery a joy. Connecting over stories and sentiment, your uniquely designed and hand-crafted jewellery will be filled with spirit. Whether a gift for self-celebration or engagement and wedding rings, every piece is crafted with wonder and love



Colours, textures and crystal formations of natural gemstones are the starting point for each of Barbora's designs.

Selecting and finding a source of these exquisite stones is an important part of her creative process, where each one is carefully handpicked and considered.

After graduating in Fine Art in 2009 at Central Saint Martins College in London, Barbora moved to South America for an extensive period of time where she learned the craft of jewellery making from skilled jewellers.

Here bloomed her love for gemstones and the craft itself. Upon returning to London in 2012, Barbora launched her own brand which has been growing and evolving ever since.

She now works from her sunny studio in Margate, creating one of a kind jewels and limited collections.



Sonny is a fine jeweller who creates one-of-a-kind pieces handmade in St Albans, Hertfordshire.


Sonny is a self taught jeweller, giving a fresh and unique approach to design and craftmanship. Working mainly to commission, he works with the client directly throughout the entire process from initial sketches, gouache renderings, stone sourcing and finally with the finished piece. Each piece is handmade using traditional techniques to ensure your cherished piece is a true one of one.

Sonny’s work speaks for itself, every piece is handmade from precious metals and gemstones.

Sonny works directly with stone dealers and lapidaries to source the perfect stone for your treasured piece.


"I love taking a humble beach pebble and making it into something precious and meaningful by combining it with a sapphire or a diamond. The contrast in materials and perceived preciousness is exciting to me!"


"Rocks of all kinds are the inspirations for my one-of-a-kind jewellery. From beach pebbles, via minerals and semi-precious gems to the precious gems ending with diamond, you will see the full spectrum of nature's own art in the stones I use. They act as the focus points and inspire the shapes and textures of the metals that tie them together"

"My fused organic silver surfaces take inspiration from the rugged cliffs and rocks of the north Cornish beaches and coastline. Tactile beach pebbles inspire my hand cast silver pebbles, and the frosted metal finishes.

The ragged surfaces of the slate that is so prevalent in Cornwall inspire textures, and etched patterns and the beautiful herringbone hedges (walls) also serve as inspiration for design, pattern, and texture."



I work mainly in 18ct yellow, rose and white gold, 22ct gold and platinum, using semi-precious and precious gemstones. Specialist techniques include texturing, repoussage, stone setting and wax carving.


"Design inspiration comes mainly from the process of working the materials and the gemstones that I source. I love the tradition of jewellery making, and am influenced by the skill of past jewellers - especially the Japanese sword makers who had such fine attention to detail. I try to have a similar approach to my work. Jewellery making has been my passion since picking up my first piercing saw at the age of seventeen..."

Goodman Morris collections have evolved from the combined skills of the Goodman Morris team led by Alex Goodman and Nicola Morris.

All the work has been designed and produced in our showroom and workshop in Barcombe Mills, situated in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

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