Welcoming Sweet Pea and Rachel Jones...

Welcoming Sweet Pea and Rachel Jones...

We’re delighted to be showcasing the Sweet Pea collection from celebrated Primrose Hill maker Siobhan O’Neill, as part of Sp-Ring ‘24.

Her creative intuition has been formed by a rich concoction of design influences - the fashion and music of glam rock and punk in the 1970s, the Hollywood stars of the silver screen in the 1940s and 50s, and the high glamour of haute couture.

Siobhan’s designs are handmade in London from 18ct gold, and incorporate diamonds, pearls & precious stones. Her collections are understated and chic but timeless with a twist, and continue to sell around the world.

And as we continue our Sp-Ring Exhibition ‘24 we’re also excited to spotlight the exceptional work of talented maker Rachel Jones.

Rachel’s handcrafted jewellery brings together colourful gemstones and gold that shifts in light that mesmerises. Each piece is a one of a kind treasure, that brings the joy of vibrant colour through artistry and superb craftsmanship.

Inspired by precious jewellery materials, Rachel works with the foundations of jewellery; gold and gemstones. Through hand selecting multi-coloured or colour changing gems, to alloying her own gold in-house, Rachel creates future heirlooms with a contemporary twist.

Available to buy now online and in the gallery at AMJ.

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