Winter Exhibition 2022

Winter Exhibition 2022

Our Winter Exhibition Launches!

We're excited to announce that our Winter Exhibition 2022 has begun.

Beginning early October and on display in the gallery until the end of January 2023, we have an incredible lineup of handmade designers waiting to make your winter one to remember.

This year we are proud to showcase the work of the following talented designers:

Emily Kidson

Caroline Draper

Carin Lindberg

Jade Mellor

Rachel Brown

Bringing you the very best from their collection of inspirational handmade pieces, there's something for everyone this winter at Anne Morgan Jewellery. And all this is in addition to the beautiful pieces from our regular exhibitors.

So come and visit us at the gallery and meet this winter's must-have designs, you've earned it in '22. Learn more...



Emily Kidson is a contemporary jeweller whose layered, intuitively designed jewels marry bold materials with traditional craftsmanship. Oxidised silver, wood, and tiny silver details feature, alongside boldly coloured laminate work.

Emily makes every shape and component by hand in her London studio, and each piece is the culmination of an immersive creative process. Emily is drawn to areas of fine detail; pattern, repetition and mark making, but also the clear uncluttered spaces around them, and her work strives to find a balance between the two. Old industrial cities and canal sides are influences, from tapered chimneys to barges and water towers.

Sensitive use of colour is central to the designs and her eye for detail informs the minimal, subtly layered aesthetic of her work.



Working from her workshop in the garden of her Lincolnshire home, Caroline explores the intricacy and repetition in the pattern and ornaments of life in India. These continue to be integral to her designs which are evocative, sensory and reminiscent of cultural travel, heritage and moments in time.

The precision and geometry of Jali design seen in the architecture of the Rajasthani palaces, the purity and strength of the lotus flower, and the stark contrasts of everyday life in India captivated her, and are the inspiration behind her work.

With sensitive use of colour and traditional materials wedded to modern technology, the methodology of making ensures the individuality of each handcrafted piece.



Rocks of all kinds are the inspirations and starting points for Carin’s one-of-a-kind jewellery. From beach pebbles, via minerals and semi-precious gems to the precious gems ending with diamond, you will see the full spectrum of nature’s own art in the stones she uses. They act as the focus points and inspire the shapes and textures of the metals that tie them together.

She loves taking a humble beach pebble and making it into something precious and meaningful by combining it with a sapphire or a diamond.

The contrast in materials and perceived preciousness is exciting! Carin’s work has been described as Scandinavian meets Cornish, with jewellery that oozes natural elegance and organic simplicity.



Jade Mellor is a designer-maker from rural Cheshire, currently based in North London. Jade inherited her love of making from her father, a cabinet maker who converted a Victorian Chapel into the family home, filled with antiques, curios and a museum-worthy collection of tools. Growing up in these unusual surroundings, it is in museums and workshops where Jade feels most at home.

Always finding inspiration in unexpected places, Jade’s latest collection in silver, bronze and recycled gold lets us explore the intricate and sculptural cases of the caddis fly, found living in the bottom of our ponds and streams and combines them with our lust for ancient buried treasure. Jade researched this collection at London’s Natural History Museum, diving into a rich archive of real specimens so she could see them first-hand, making drawings and models.



Rachel Brown is a Yorkshire-based jeweller who specialises in enamelled jewellery. Rachel is a self-confessed doodler and mark maker; she loves the textural and tonal qualities of pencils, and has recently discovered graphite powder which produces the most beautiful painterly marks and textures.

Her jewellery designs start as exploratory marks and drawings.

Inspired by anything and everything her focus is primarily on spontaneous and random gestural marks, patterns and lines. She loves how simple marks can be bold, expressive and unique. Sketches are then transferred onto white enamel using the same drawing techniques and with the same pencil and graphite powder used in her sketchbooks, this is then fired at a high temperature to seal in the drawings.


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