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MOMOCREATURA - North star necklace silver

MOMOCREATURA - North star necklace silver

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North star necklace silver

The North Star symbolises guidance, constancy, and hope due to its historical use in navigation, representing a fixed point in the night sky. It's seen as a reliable guide, a symbol of unwavering principles, and a source of hope.

The texture of hand drawn rays within the stars evokes a sense as if unearthed from ancient ruins.

The collection 'Sun, Moon and Stars' is inspired by old alchemical, hermetic pictures and the surface of the moon. May this jewellery collection empower the wearers and give magical energy as a modern talisman.

Material: Recycled silver 925 or 24k hard gold plated recycled silver 925 (gold vermeil)
H:15xW:9mm (0.6"x0.36"), Chain 40cm+5cm (16"+2")
Handcrafted in London

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